Quasars 1-1

Our journey into the void begins with a traverse through the passage of glowing objects called Quasars. Quasars are extremely bright masses of energy and light.

Quasars 1-2

Emerging from the core of the neutron star that lies ahead, a variety of patterns pass by with immersive and prolonged graphics.

Quasars 1-3

The Journey through this portal comes to an end by unlocking the key and then into another world of the void.

Light-Year 2-1

The Trip continues with psychedelic portals changing from glowing objects to travelling to the stars, galaxies. A stellar travel to another passage of time.

Light-Year 2-2

Through an abstract yet intricate representation of wormholes, galaxies, clusters of light lying ahead to reach the event horizon.

Light-Year 2-3

A musical and cinematic treat for all stellar travel followers. Find out what happens when you escape the light and pass the horizon!!

Singularity 3-1

Nothing escapes past the horizon, not even light. After the horizon is a complete mystery. A world with an immortal existence.

Singularity 3-2

“The Delight of your new sun, into a new World” , Indeed a soul-revealing portal passage with new gameplay mechanics.

Singularity 3-3

“The Singularity of all cultures lies within you. You have perceived and then created your new world.”

Singularity 3-4

And The Void Never ends!! Welcome to another dimension through the passage of space.