About Us

AcidTrip Arts is an indie game development studio based in Mumbai. We specialise in Mobile, PC and Console Game Development. An “acid trip” refers to a psychedelic experience. The term "psychedelic" derives from Greek words meaning "soul revealing”.

We at AcidTrip Arts intend to provide our users with such an experience. We believe there is an ability in every individual to create and perceive their own experience playing games, which always doesn’t have to involve scoring high in a game. AcidTrip Arts follow a unique game concept and art stye accompanied by an in-house sound production. We are also keen to take up production for client projects involving games, application and web-development.

Our Amazing Team


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Our Services

We provide the following services to our clients

Web Development

We offer Web design and development services to our clients on all platforms. Be it static, hardcoded or CMS based sites we are proficient in making them all.

Unity & Unreal Engine Based Game Development

We build games using industry standard game engines like Unity3D & Unreal 4 to provide complete implementations, depending on the project. Our team covers the entire life cycle of a game from its inception to completion.

App Development

We provide complete services for making a Mobile Application for all the available platforms.

Sound Production

We deliver great sounding games with complete integration support on any platform. With command in creating interactive music for games of all genre lovers, we guarantee customisation and compatibility for kind of audio formats.

Art Production

We offer a full range of art services form Concept art to 3D Console art to Animations. AcidTrip Arts emerges out through diverse art styles and innovation with full quality.